I started my career as a software developer, and continue as a business analyst at Google Partner idemarket advertising consultancy agency, which I am a founding partner. Nowadays, I am trying to make our application "Looking Searcher" available in 34 countries.

  • First Webpage Published


  • First Object Oriented Game Project

    DxBall - Crash Them All📣

  • International Computer Olympiad

    "Pattern has been created" 📣

  • Suleyman Demirel University

    3.74 GPA

  • Autonomous Vehicle Software and Robotic Design - Designer and Software Developer

    The first and last project of me for PIC programming

  • Ege University

    I was in the first steps of my startups when i started to college but I couldn't find the answer to my data questions

  • idemarket

    Google Dev Camp

    Microsoft Student Partner

    It was the year that I had the opportunity to work with international companies and pushed the limits of my talents the most.

  • Tatil Süzgeci

    I developed one of the first machine learning algorithms used in the tourism industry. The project was terminated at the end of 2014, but the algorithm is still useful in the industry. We continue to collect extraordinary data to provide suggestions to users.

  • Google Partner Achieved

    Looking Searcher - Co-Founder

    International Information Law Conference - speaker

    In my speech titled "The effects of algorithms on the Internet on the political preferences of societies", I gathered all my professional skills. The echoes of the speeches still have positive effects on my career.

  • Teknofesor - Tech Author

    Quora World Meetup - Turkiye Organization

    Quora 5 Million Views

    My articles about Online Dating, which I wrote in 2015, showed an unexpected growth in 2017

  • Senpati App - Founder

    The first mobile app for the benefit of stray animals. With the application you have the possibility to request help for a stray animal.